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Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Antibacterial Hand Wipes provide easy and practical cleaning whenever you need without using water and soap. Remove common allergens around your home and help prevent the growth of mold & mildew.
$2.99 $6.99

Certified Authentic Blue Bear Face Masks (50pc)

Blue Bear Face Masks are made to the highest non-medical standards, filtering 99.5% of particulate matter according to independent lab tests. Blue Bear Certified Authentic Face Masks are in stock and shipping from the USA and come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - if you are not satisfied, we will refund or replace your order. Our masks are designed for maximum comfort and protection and feature an adjustable metal nose-bridge piece for a flexible and customizable fit.
$11.49 $15.49

UVC 254nm quartz tube 38W radar induction remote control

The Sylstar Clean Remote Control Ultraviolet Lamp 38w Uv Germicidal Quartz Lamp Sterilization Ozone Lamp Ultraviolet Light Lamp To Disinfect Bacterial Bacteria Kill Mites for Home Sterilizer Disinfection Deodor. The Lamp has 2 layers of sterilization - UVC and Ozone - which can sterilize places where ultraviolet light cannot reach. It was designed this way to improve the disinfection efficiency, while also dramatically reducing the sterilization time.
$69.99 $99.99

Triple-Ply Disposable Face Masks

Keep yourself & others protected with high quality, triple-layer shield face masks. Designed for maximum comfort and protection and featuring an adjustable metal nose-bridge piece for a flexible and customizable fit.
$10.99 $15.99